About Peanut


Hey, everybody, my name is Peanut, and I’m a mini wiener dog! I and my family live in West Palm Beach, Florida! We moved from Hollywood, Florida…that’s where my mommy started a successful pet sitting business in 2004!  My daddy is a fireman in West Palm Beach, and we moved closer to his work so he doesn’t have to drive an hour all tired out after his 24-hour shifts. I know all about all tired out! I get really tired after playtime with my sisters Scootie, Chewie, and Winnie, three other mini wiener dogs that mommy and daddy rescued!  My mommy is very happy about the move because she can finally enjoy gardening in our big yard out here!

My mommy offers private dog boarding in our home where I and my friends can run around the whole house, snooze on the sofa, or just sit on her lap by the computer. We have so much fun in our new house, I have two nice doggy yards, and my Mommy even installed toad proof fencing for my doggy yard, so I don’t have to worry about poison nasty toads making me or my friends sick!

My buddies are all well-behaved doggies (just like me). If you want to be my friend you have to be on flea and tick control, as well as being up to date on your immunizations! If you got dirty and your mom is too busy to give you a bath before she can bring you over, my mommy will give you a bath when you arrive, and if you stay here long enough to get stinky again you will end up with a bath before you go home.  I hope you like baths!

I miss my dad when he goes to work because I like to sit in his lap by the computer or when he is watching TV, and I like to sleep next to him and mommy in bed at night. He sometimes sneaks me treats, but don’t tell mommy! He buys me a new foxy toy every time I rip one apart,  I think I’m lucky to have such a great daddy, and I think you’ll like him a lot too!

My best friends are doggies who are small, but I will play with you even if you are a medium size like my buddy Merfis (who is a beagle!), but you have to be gentle with me because I can’t play as rough. If your mommy is too busy to drop you off or pick you up we just hop in the car and pick you up, and we can even take you back home when your visit’s over! Of course,

I like to meet everybody before my mommy commits to taking care of you, so please come and visit us beforehand so we can all meet and you can sniffle around my home to see what you think!