Dog Boarding in Royal Palm Beach FL

This photo is of a dog. Dog Boarding in Royal Palm Beach FL We offer dog boarding service in Royal Palm Beach FL. At Friends of Peanut, we offer dog-sitting services in a stress-free environment while you are away. We offer dog boarding in Royal Palm Beach in our private home, where dogs run around freely just as they would do at your own home. Our dog-boarding guests are invited to run around our clean and pet-safe home and even sleep in our bed with us. I am a stay-at-home pet sitter and we are always home to watch your precious little dogs. We take potty breaks in our fully fenced-in dog yard about every hour or two.

Please bring your regular dog food to make sure that your dog stays on his or her regular food while boarding with us. Please register to make sure we are informed about your dog’s feeding, medical issues, and routines. Don’t forget to upload your dog immunization record because we only take care of dogs who are up to date on immunization and social with other small dogs.

If you would like to visit our home prior to boarding your dog with us please contact us to set up a free introductory meeting in our home. I take photos and videos during the day and I post them on our social media sites so you can see how your little dogs are doing. You can check out these cute photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why should you choose private dog boarding in Royal Palm Beach:

  • Your dog will be in a quiet, clean environment in our home
  • Our dog boarding home is  open 24/7 all year round
  • Dogs run around in our home freely, sleeping with us on the bed or the doggy beds
  • We follow your feeding and medication schedule
  • You can visit our home prior to boarding your little dog with us
  • Licensed and insured Dog Boarding.
  • We are experienced in dog training for puppies and we can care of geriatric dogs with special needs
  • You can always call us for dog pick-up and drop-off service if you are busy. We offer pet taxis in Palm Beach and Broward.
  • During the day, we send photos and videos on our social media sites: Facebook and Instagram