Do I need to fill out a form?2023-02-23T14:41:15+00:00

To make it easier to keep track of dog immunization papers, I created an online system where you can upload your information and vet records. Would you please register before you drop off your baby? After you uploaded the immunization record, I need to manually approve it before you can request service online.  https://www.timetopet.com/portal/friends-of-peanut/create-account


What is the first step to board my dog at Friends of Peanut?2023-02-23T14:40:42+00:00

The first step to board your little dog with us to call and set up a free introduction visit in our home and register. If you are out of the state and you are traveling through, or if you live far away and you prefer us to offer pet taxi we may not be able to meet you in advance.  If for any reason you are not able to meet us prior to boarding, it is OK, but I will be asking you a lot of questions before committing on taking care of your dog. We just wanted to make sure that your dog is up to date on immunization, healthy and social with other small dogs and humans.

What do I need to bring when my dog boards with you?2023-02-23T14:41:47+00:00

We need your dog’s food in a zip lock bag with a measuring cup and instructions on feeding. We do not need dog beds and toys. We have a lot of those at home. Please also bring your dog collar and leash.

What is an introductory visit like?2020-07-29T16:15:02+00:00

To make sure your dog is social with other small dogs we invite you to visit our home with your little dog. This will give you an option to see that our home is clean and pet safe and ask us questions. During this time, I will be asking you questions about your dog routine, illness, allergies, and behavior.

When you arrive we ask you to call instead of knocking. Then I will lead you in through our dog yard where we introduce your dog to our dogs and guests dogs. We spend a couple of minutes outside to make sure they all settled down before entering our home. When a new dog arrives all guest dogs lose their mind and start barking. Usually, my husband let them out one by one to the dog yard to reduce the stress on the new dog entering the home. After entering our home, I show you my bedroom and living room where my dogs hang out most of the time, I also give you paperwork to take home and fill out. The printed out pricelist I gave you also have a list of things what to bring and what not to bring.

Who will be taking care of my dog?2023-02-23T14:37:53+00:00

Mostly me. Our family consists of myself and my husband: Monika and Jeff Stefaniak. We do not have kids but small dogs. Sometimes when we are away from home, we hire our regular pet sitter to watch our precious babies, but I spend most of the time at home and we almost never travel together. When we do, we have a pet sitter 24 hours a day in our home. My husband is a fireman and his schedule is 24 hours of duty and 48 hours off. Our little dogs love Jeff. They all snuggle in with him when he arrives from work and goes to sleep. He loves our furry guests and he helps me take care of them when I have to run out for errands.

Up to what size dogs does Friends of Peanut take?2020-07-29T15:48:07+00:00

We take care of social dogs up to 25 pounds. Sometimes, we may take an older or very well behaved dog who weighs over 25 pounds, but we try to keep our doggy guests the same size because they can interact better and it keeps playing safe.

What services Friends of Peanut offer?2023-02-23T14:38:32+00:00

We offer dog boarding and doggy daycare in our home in West Palm Beach for small to medium size dogs. Besides dog sitting, we also offer pet taxi services. We are available to pick up and drop off your little dog from Broward and Palm Beach counties. If your dog needs a bath or brushing we also offer dog baths.

Where does my dog sleep in your home?2023-02-23T14:42:15+00:00

All dogs are invited to sleep with us and Peanut in our bed. Dogs who sleep with their owners usually come and snuggle in with us in bed. We have a custom made dog ramp for easy walk up and walk down. I have several mini doggy sofas and dog beds in our bedroom and living room too.

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